Over the last 22 years HH Bacon Suppliers evolved from selling Bacon out of the garage to a company that produce and trade with over 150 different products. From cold meats, sausages, german delicasies and cured meats to beef, steaks, fresh pork products, lamb, chicken, cheese, and more!

As times change and marketing becomes all the more important in growing a business, especially under younger generations. It became clear that it is difficult to communicate the true extend of the products this amazing company produce and offer. 

So what changed? Everything on the surface. HH Bacon Suppliers was developed with fantastic recipes, IP, quality, operations and quick and promt service. There is nothing that requires changes as these are the most prominent elements that are loved about HH Bacon Suppliers. The name HH Meat Factory was derived from a idea of an Namibian Meat Factory that was now realised in the Helderberg.

The name was chosen because: 

  • It is easy to remember.
  • It widens the horizons of markets and products the company can explore and trade in.
  • The name is powerful.
  • It fits within what the company currently does.
  • It is more effective to advertise.

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